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What We Do

With many years experience assembling flat-pack furniture, we can get you sorted quickly and affordably at a time that suits you.

We can build and fit wardrobes, chest of drawers, desks, tables, even children's garden play equipment, plus any other item you can think of that's delivered in a box!

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New From Box Assembly

New from box assembly is, as it says on the tin, brand new furniture that you've bought from a store. We offer excellent prices for assembling your new furniture so you don't need to lift a finger.


Sometimes you need to take furniture apart; either so you can throw it away, or so you can sell it or give it to a friend or relative. But if you don't build furniture all the time, you might not be able to work out how it went together in the first place, and you will probably be wondering where to start?

With out vast experience assembling all types of furniture, we can easily figure out the best way to take your furniture apart without causing any damage, so you can then transport it with ease.

Decorated Bedroom
Modern Living Room

Second Hand Assembly

Buying or reusing old furniture is great. It's good for the planet, and you can get a some excellent deals on second hand furniture. However, trying to re-assemble a used wardrobe with no instructions, and a bag full of curious looking screws and bolts can be near impossible. That's where our extensive knowledge of furniture assembly comes in. We have built so many wardrobes we probably don't even need the instructions anymore. We've put together enough desks that we could do it with our eyes closed. So we will have no problems reassembling your new (used) furniture so it can be returned to its former glory for many more years to come.

Indoor and Outdoor

It's not just indoor furniture that gets delivered in a box. We can help assemble your new garden furniture set, your fancy new barbecue, children's play equipment, garden storage boxes and sheds, and anything else you can think of.

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