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Welcome to Arrow Assembly

Your Local Flat-Pack Experts


We are a flat-pack furniture assembly service based in the Tyne and Wear area that you can rely on.

We are here to make your life as easy as possible. 


Whether its a new wardrobe, a bed, a full set of garden furniture, or even a full home refurbishment. We're here to take care of the stress of assembling flat-pack furniture.

We currently only offer evening and weekend bookings.

To request a price for a job please click the button below.

Hand Woven Carpet
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We offer a range of services:

We've got you covered

Dog in a Box
Hardware Tools
Well Organized Closet

New From Box Assembly

Brand new from the store

Buying new furniture can be fun, but getting home and realising the huge DIY project you've given yourself isn't always so fun. 
Putting together new furniture is second nature to us, so we can save you time, and a headache, by quickly and professionally putting together your brand new piece of furniture.


Better call in the experts

Sometimes you need to disassemble furniture. Maybe you're giving it to a friend? Or maybe it's just too big to move into another room.
Assembling furniture can be tricky, but doing it backwards can be even more tricky; Especially if you've lost the instructions.
That's why, with our flat pack expertise, we can take the stress out of these tricky situations.

Second Hand Assembly

When you just can't figure it out

You can get a great deal on second hand furniture, but you don't always get much help in putting it together. You will be lucky if you get a set of instructions with it.
With our flat pack experience we know how these things fit together. So we can assemble your new (not new) piece of furniture in no time.

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